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Since 1973

Dedication to Craftsmanship

The inherent beauty of fine furniture lives forever. At Councill we are dedicated to the art and craft of fine American furniture making. Councill is now produced by the passionate and skilled craftsmen and women of Kindel Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fusing timeless design with time-honored tradition, we select only the highest quality materials in the world to create elegant furnishing for the ultimate luxury enthusiasts.

For decades our craftsmen and women have made it their mission to produce America's finest furniture. Our unparalleled quality of materials, time-tested processes and skilled artisans set Councill apart from the rest. Our process begins with the selection of unique and beautiful veneers that are chosen specifically with each design in mind. Our furniture is made-to-order using bench-made methods. Councill construction is superior and exacting. The veneers are meticulously matched across all surfaces which is the hallmark of high-end furniture. Councill's complex finishing process is color additive that builds layers of stains, fillers, glazes and lacquers to create the ultimate in depth and clarity to produce the Councill finish so truly distinctive in the marketplace.


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